What is The Sophia Method?


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I want to give you a brief explanation of The Sophia Method, and if you want more, check out my older sites:

What is The Sophia Method?

  • it is a systematic, step by step method that leads you thru how you create your reality using the latest understandings in quantum physics, brain wave technology, positive psychology and habit control, and ancient wisdom.


  • it is a series of programs that show you how you create your reality by your thoughts and shows you how to create the reality you want.


  • it is a 90 day program that shows you how to stop creating the things you don’t want and start creating more of what you do want



How is The Sophia Method different from other teachers of law of attraction?

1. no fluffy platitudes

no broad, unfounded statements

2. grounded in science – using latest discoveries in quantum physics and positive psychology

convinces our left brain with logic and reason

3. a philosophical framework – spiritual and not religious – that explains how it all works

the why, the what, answers all your questions, explains the apparent discrepancies

4. right and left brain technology

brings our conscious, unconscious and subconscious into harmony

5. nuances, subtleties and techniques, processes and exercises – 108 all together that make a complete course to align, embody, and experience the life you want to live



  • results: Bill, a structural engineer – won 3 ballroom dance contests, went from unemployed to become PM for an engineering firm with an offer for partnership, and the most award winning dancer in his category wants to partner with him!
  • results: Karen, a property manager – got the man she wants, got the job she wants, and went back to school
  • results: Hiram, a 50 year old guitar player went back to college, graduated with a 4.0 gpa – after doubting he could handle it, and is now an elementary math teacher and loving it. Oh, and he finished his book on how to play the guitar, too.
  • results: Angelina, an insurance salesperson – wins every trip her company offers to exotic places for top sales; and has created a better relationship with her mother-in-law
  •  results: Roy, a 37 year old financial analyst with no high school diploma keeps getting offered $100,000+ jobs. He just bought his third Mercedes for cash, while he takes some time to decide which offer will bring him the most of what he really wants – freedom and the heart-fulfilling feeling of helping people.


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