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Listen live or miss it! There are no replays on these calls. Each call is one hour of pure, practical  content you can use to reach your dreams. Nothing is being sold on these calls.

Having unanswered questions can stop your manifesting in its tracks. When you can’t get past an issue it can make you feel stuck, frustrated and confused.

I used to feel this way often about law of attraction. There just wasn’t enough clear information, and way too much contradictory information is out there. I often thought I would have paid thousands just to have my questions answered in a clear way that I could use.

On this call, I answer YOUR questions. We are going to talk about:

  • How to get out of debt
  • What to do when action makes it feel worse
  • The joy of debt – yes, really!
  • What happens if you win the lottery?
  • How to “clean” a vibration that doesn’t serve you
  • Multiple levels of high vibration
  • What to do about coming home to low vibrations?
  • Indications that things are shifting
  • How do I get the things I want?
  • Who do I thank?
  • Appreciation vs gratitude
  • Apples, apples, apples

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