The 33

33 MistakesYou may be pretty good at manifesting parking spaces but how are you doing with the big stuff? The stuff you’ve been really wanting for a long time?

There are 33 fatal mistakes that will derail your manifesting. You aren’t making them all, most people are only making one or two, but you have to know which one or two you are making in order to stop making them.

Things like:

  • Setting a date and watching the calendar? That only creates anxiety.
  • Losing enthusiasm for your desire and not knowing how to get it back? Or
  • Giving up when all hell breaks loose? That’s actually a good sign.

Lorna Levy has made all 33 Mistakes You Are Making With Law of Attraction into a beautiful poster that will look good on any wall – and it will serve to remind you to stay in alignment with your desires.

You can’t afford to not download this. Turbo charge your manifesting now!

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